Whether you are buying or selling a business, restructuring your business or raising capital the complexities and market regulation is significant, which requires a corporate advisor who can assist you to navigate through the details and potential pitfalls and celebrate a successful outcome.

We offer a spectrum of corporate advisory services, which include:


  • Strategic planning;
  • Business plans and feasibility studies;
  • Corporate structuring;
  • Management Control and Reporting;
  • Mergers and Acquisitions;
  • Financing Applications;
  • Capital Raising.


Strategic planning
We work with management to develop and align the corporate vision, identify corporate objectives and develop, commercial, implementable strategies to achieve those objectives as well as the KPI’s by which management should be measured. We also assist with the identification and development of Strategic Alliance Partners – including potential partners, suppliers, customers and licensees.


Business plans and feasibility studies
We enjoy assisting companies who are contemplating launching a new product or business, or entering into a new market.  We support you by assessing the industry and your business in depth, as well as your projected strategy for market entry.  We partner with marketing and sales specialists to get a holistic view of your plans, and the likely risks, so that we can make practical recommendations, outline alternative courses of action and conclude on the project / business plan, having understood the key sensitivities.


Corporate structuring
A number of our local and offshore clients have recently asked us to establish corporate structures and register the required corporate entities, having carefully assessed their personal goals and their business strategy. These mandates require us to consider the various tax and asset protection implications as well as the relative advantages and disadvantages of holding investments and business operations through different entities or in different countries. Given the time and costs involved we recommend structures which are tailored to suit client’s needs in terms of duration, preferred exit options, management intensity and reporting needs.


Financial management control and reporting
We have established a number of strategic alliances with fellow specialists to assist our clients across various different functional areas (e.g. sales) with the benchmarking and improvement of their business as well as operating more efficiently, specifically on the basis of an enhanced management reporting function.


Mergers and Acquisitions
Mergers & Acquisitions are a strategic tool which, when properly executed, assist clients’ execute their corporate strategies, whether that be through new product or market development, customer acquisition, or alternatively, divestment of a non-strategic business or investment.


We have refined our M&A methodology over the last several years to ensures our client’s strategic objectives are achieved and their risks mitigated. The graphic below provides a conceptual overview of that methodology from a buy-side perspective.




Finance Applications
We assist our clients to develop compelling finance applications for their bankers, which improves the likelihood of them achieving success.

Capital Raising

We assist clients develop their capital raising strategies by firstly assisting in determining the amount of capital required and secondly determining the most appropriate mechanism (i.e. debt or equity)  given their chosen business strategy, market conditions and existing capital structure.


We have close ties with a number of financial institutions and intermediaries which enables us to secure a positive outcome for our clients. We also have a growing network of high-net worth individuals across Australia and Southern Africa and we leverage those relationships depending on the project and the objectives of our client. The intermediaries and investors with whom we deal rely on us to deliver quality equity investment opportunities, in carefully researched investee companies.