With globalisation and the requirement for increasing sophistication businesses are recognizing the value attributable to their reputation, brands, software, know-how and business systems etc. and then protecting those rights.

Valuations of IP and IA are typically required for one of several reasons, including litigation around patent violations or infringements, divorce proceedings, Purchase Price Allocation exercises (PPA) in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards, asset impairment studies etc. Given the complex legal and technical nature of some items of IP we regularly collaborate with other specialists such as Patent solicitors or engineers in preparing our valuation opinions.

Examples of Intellectual Property (IP) and Intangible Assets (IA) include:


  • Patents
  • Trademarks and trade names
  • Copyright and Literary rights
  • Licenses
  • Royalty Generating assets
  • Software
  • Contracts in Place
  • Customers / Subscribers / Members
  • Site designs
  • Work Force in Place
  • Goodwill – commercial and personal
  • Non-compete arrangements.