Family law valuation

With our pedigree in business valuation, we have the specialist experience required within the context of family law matters and are regularly mandated by family law specialists to assist with the valuation of businesses (ranging from family owned SME’s, to larger corporate groups) and with the valuation of intellectual property.
Resolving issues related to divorce and marital disputes begins with an accurate measurement of all joint assets and liabilities.
Our family law clients trust Lattice to bring transaction experience and independent thinking to the following critical family law issues:
Assessing current market position

Reviewing historical and forecasted information, including analysis of balance sheets, income statements and cash flow

Conducting meetings with management to discuss company history, operations, employees, customers, competitors and other relevant items

Analysing of the operations and accounting of those businesses, including the identification of personal expenses that may flow through the businesses, and how such should be appropriately adjusted for

Analysing and comparing company performance to similar businesses (within the same or similar industry/ies) including comparable company sales

Examining budgets, leases, sales contracts, purchase agreements, customer lists, local and national economies and management capabilities

Determining the extent of commercial versus personal goodwill

Quantifying “income” for spousal/child support purposes

Delivering an estimate of value

Providing specialist assistance in reconciling the positions taken by the parties

Preparing preliminary and formal valuation reports, including an opinion of value

Communicating results both by way of a written report/s and attendance at trial

Providing shadow expert services – which involves professionally critiquing another expert’s valuation report or opinion for reasonableness, the quality of the assumption/s and other factors.